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Enhanced Lipid Reporting (ELR) To Improve Patient Care

Enhanced Lipid Reporting (ELR) To Improve Patient Care

AHS has established a comprehensive program to identify Albertans at risk of cardiovascular disease. CVD is the #1 cause of death for women and #2 cause of death in Alberta. The Primary Care Nursing role in prevention is identifying risk and supporting those who need it. This program starts with the primary care provider completing the lab requisition with the patient’s Framingham Risk details. Those Alberta laboratories using Connect Care will be able to launch the program when the provider completes the Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Assessment section of the requisition. The ELR program follows up-to-date guidelines to identify risk, outlines treatment, and offers patient resources for improving modifiable risk factors. Treatment recommendations will come back to the ordering provider according to the recent guidelines. The care team will be aware of the patient’s risk in order to offer care and resources to improve their wellness. This may include behavioral health coaching, lifestyle education, and medical treatment. The Primary Care Nurse can then support the patient in reducing their risk by using the resources to improve their health.

There are many great resources available for providers to learn more about this program. Starting with this quick VIDEO and poster that outlines the program. Go to the AHS page for

more details and information.

Other resources for patients and providers:

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