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Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program (ALCSP)

Information provided by Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program

In Alberta, one in 13 people are expected to develop lung cancer in their lifetime. Currently, 70% of new diagnoses are advanced stage (III-IV) when disease is incurable. Early detection, before symptoms appear, improves the effectiveness of treatment. Regular screening can reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer by almost 25 per cent.

Lung cancer screening is available for eligible Albertans aged 50 and 74 who smoke cigarettes or quit after smoking for many years.


Albertans can be referred to the program by one of 3 ways:

●     Primary care provider can complete the Online Calculator and referral form that enables the calculation of a patient’s 6-year individual risk of developing lung cancer. Primary Care providers can fax this form to: 1-888-944-3388

●     Individuals can contact the Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program (ALCSP) directly at 1-866-727-3926 to see if they’re eligible to participate in lung cancer screening.

●     Individuals can visit Lung Cancer Self-Referral - Screening For Life | Screening For Life to complete a risk assessment and self-referral form.


If the individual meets all eligibility criteria and they wish to participate, Diagnostic Imaging (DI) will schedule an appointment for a low-dose CT scan. The individual will be booked at one of the following DI sites:

o   Peter Lougheed Centre, Calgary

o   Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre, Calgary

o   Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Calgary

o   Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton

o   Grande Prairie Regional Hospital

o   High River General Hospital

o   Wainwright Health Centre


The scan results will be reviewed by a Radiologist and the ALCSP Nurse Practitioner. If the results are normal, the patient and their primary care provider will receive a copy of the results. If the results are unclear or abnormal, the ALCSP Nurse Practitioner will schedule a time to meet virtually with the patient to discuss results and next steps. If incidental findings are identified in the scan, the Primary Care Provider will receive a copy of the report and is responsible to follow up with their patient. To learn more about lung cancer screening, visit:  Lung - Screening For Life | Screening For Life


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