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Alberta's Pathways Hub

"Alberta’s Pathway Hub (The Hub): The provincial central location for trusted, evidence-informed clinical, patient, and referral pathways. These pathways are co-designed by patients, primary care, and specialty care providers to support Albertans. The aim is to maintain health, wellness,

and care within their community.”

Have you had a look at The Hub?? You can find it at It’s a one-stop website for several evidence-informed patient care and referral pathways to support your team’s practice - over 60 pathways with more being added as available. When you’re on the site, you’ll see several categories to choose from. They support assessment, diagnosis, referral, and clinical pathways for common conditions and diagnoses in the following categories:

Addiction & Mental Health Cardiology COVID-19 Infectious Disease Gastroenterology General Surgery Gynecology Endocrinology Hepatology

Nephrology Neurology Oncology Orthopedics Otolaryngology Respirology Rheumatology Urology Vascular

“The Hub will be updated and maintained by the Provincial Pathways Unit in collaboration with the Strategic Clinical Networks, Specialist Link, ConnectMD, Access Improvement, Alberta Netcare eReferral and others.” This centralized site will streamline your work when looking for where to send referrals or how to manage conditions. They also offer patient pathways so you can help your patients navigate through self-management and navigation in Alberta’s healthcare system. Review what they have to offer and identify which ones you can incorporate in your primary care practice as a nurse, with your primary care team, or alongside your QI team to improve workflow.

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