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Modernizing Alberta's Primary Health Care Systems: Report

The government is taking immediate action based on recommendations from the MAPS final panel reports to enhance access to primary health care in Alberta. These actions include creating a task force to develop a new payment model for family physicians, providing financial support for healthcare providers, expanding online mental health services, addressing Indigenous health disparities, and improving compensation processes. The government is also focusing on 11 key recommendations to emphasize team-based care, integration between primary and community care, and a coordinated primary health care system in the long term.

Read the full report here.

APCNA is excited to see that this report acknowledges that the current system of mobilizing team-based care in primary care throughout the province is insufficient. In this document they recommend a regional approach to Primary Care Networks(PCNs) with intentional relationships with current AHS programs creating a Primary Health Care System, population funding for PCNs, examining remuneration models for physicians to support additional team members, and mobilizing a new funding model for nurse Practitioners- so they may easily serve our Albertan population in Primary Care.

We are most excited to see this response from the editors that acknowledges Primary Care Nurses, and other primary care providers, need support from their respective colleges to improve care for Albertans.

“A common understanding of scopes of practice for each care provider should be developed in the context of a PMH and team-based care to maximize the effectiveness of each team member.” P. 121

Professional colleges should work together to set interprofessional standards of practice for primary health care to enable teams to more effectively work together with a common standards framework." P 127

APCNA recognizes the key points of higher education, training, and accessible resources for primary care providers in the recommendations in this report. Regardless of the employer, ALL Primary Care Nurses should have access to quality education and resources for nursing in this specialized field. APCNA will continue to be a source of truth for the role of the Primary Care Nurse and is ready to serve the government and the stakeholders in this project to achieve success. We are proud that the submissions from our membership on the initial MAPS stakeholder consultation were heard.

Are you excited about any part of the announcements? Do you feel hesitant about any of the recommendations? Let us know!

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